3Thermo are leading the way for an alternative, modern wall heating solution by inventing the first hybrid concealed wall heating system in the world. Our hidden radiators generate the most natural and effective form of heating available.

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What is wall heating?

Wall heating is a hidden heating solution similar to sub-floor heaters. Tubes with water can be also arranged inside a wall, not just within a floor. This concealed radiator solution provides an advantage for many reasons.

Concealed Radiators in walls

  • Firstly, the vertical system of walls, as compared to the horizontal system of the floor, allows for more efficient use of heat emission (radiation) than convection (air movement).

The less energy we use to heat the air, the less energy we lose. The air is a very poor heat accumulator (it does not have accumulative capabilities like, for example a solid form, stone, concrete etc) and it rises quickly looking for a “way out”.

Heating with a normal radiator involves the constant blowing of warm air, and after the heater is turned off, the temperature in the room falls very quickly. With our specialist hidden radiators, all of the energy reaches the wall and heats it. The wall accumulates this heat just like the floor heating system.

  • Secondly, heating systems should be installed in places where most heat is lost. This is why radiators are hung under windows.
    The floor is definitely not the partition where the greatest losses are generated. External walls and roofs are such partitions.Wall heating makes up for heat losses (balances them) where they arise.Due to the cumulative capacity of solids, it is much cheaper to heat a partition than to continuously blow warm air into the room.
  • Thirdly, the health aspect. Heated air is a good place for bacteria, and air convection (movement) makes it easier for them to spread throughout the house.Additionally, warm and humid air releases its moisture into cold walls, so our skin is dry and the walls are moist and thus susceptible to fungus attack.

A completely reverse phenomenon occurs in wall heating – the warm wall releases heat into the cooler room without air movement and changes in its ionization and humidity.

wall heating 3Thermo

Won’t My Walls Crack After Installation? 

3THERMO radiators are made, among other things, of Rabitz mesh, which further strengthens the plaster and prevents your wall from cracking.

Water systems were commonly responsible for the phenomenon of plaster cracking.

This was caused by thick layers of plaster (3-5 cm) which were needed to cover water tubes and, secondly, due to the polymer expansion under the influence of the temperature.

Polymer hoses used in the wall systems were characterized by very high linear expansion and, as a result, they caused stresses in the plaster.

Plaster manufacturers introduced temperature limits, which were supposed to prevent cracking. Others introduced special plasters with the added mixture of perlite and other substances, which made the material more elastic.

However, such mixes are characterized by additional heating resistance, which reduces power consumption in the system and are much more expensive than our modern heating system.

Rabitz mesh, which characterise our modern 3THERMO radiators will keep your wall safe from cracks. The radiator is not a cause of significant linear expansion.

3Thermo Wall Heating

Will any stains or streaks appear on the wall and how often will my walls need to be painted?

No streaks or stains will ever appear on the wall. The wall can be painted when the colour fades or when you get bored with it, but never because of the installed 3THERMO radiators!

Streaks on walls apply only to electrical systems. The current flowing through the heating duct generates an electromagnetic field, which attracts charges and dust.

Such a phenomenon doesn’t occur in 3THERMO modern heaters as they provide heating by means of a radiator and not an electric resistance duct.

Should my concealed radiators installation be covered with plaster together?

Please contact us for certified 3Thermo installers in your area.

We recommend installing the radiator and covering it with plaster without the mounted installation.

After plastering, covering plugs should be removed from the collector nipple connections and the system tube should be installed.

The central heating installation together with the lower collector of the concealed radiator should be situated in the floor layer not in the plaster.


hidden heating modern heaters

There will likely be construction sites where it will be necessary to cover the installation with plaster; however, in this case, I would recommend making a groove for the installation and letting the collector “hide” it in the wall.

For the dry plasterboard system, installation will be performed before covering the radiator with the plasterboard.

Your certified installer will advise you on the best way to go.

Is wall heating better than subfloor heating?

Both types of heating belong to the family of surface systems, and as such, they have an advantage over convective systems.

However, the wall system has an additional advantage, as it balances heat losses where they occur, and the greatest heat losses occur in external walls and not in the floor.

In this way, it is the wall system that has the most even heat distribution and not the sub-floor heating.

Generally, in the subfloor system, the further away from the external wall it is, the warmer it becomes. To make up for this effect, a well-designed subfloor system must take into account the density of the tube arrangement from the external walls.

Additionally, considering the Koenig diagram, we can use the dependence it indicates and reduce the air temperature without losing thermal comfort.


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THE FIRST Hybrid Concealed Radiator IN THE WORLD

3Thermo have been on the market for 8 years, the unique patented design has many advantages, and has won Eco-Friendly, Passive Home and Innovation awards across Europe.

Our system is completely concealed inside your wall. The radiator will be placed onto your bare wall and simply plastered over using normal plaster or sits within your stud frame and covered with normal plasterboard. It generates heat through the wall just like the sun during the summer, making the climate of your home like it was a nice summers day all year around! This also reduces the chances of developing mould/damp in your home.

No air convection means no over production of heat (very cost saving) and many health and aesthetic benefits. Our heating system works on thermal radiation reducing the amount of dust and allergens produced through heating in homes keeping a humidity between 40-60%, perfect for keeping a more healthy living environment. 3Thermo have been used in Hospitals and Schools for its health and cost saving advantages as well as Zoos for the natural heat provided.

Easy installation allows for usage in rooms of every kind. The system is compatible with all boilers/hot water sources (air source heat pumps, ground source heat pump, solar panels etc.) we use 80% less water (in our wet system) to operate, and can be used in combination with other forms of heating solutions. 3Thermo is compatible with smart home technology and operated from water temperature of 35 degrees, the system has proven to reduce heating costs by up to 40% annually!