About us

The world’s first Concealed Hybrid Heating System. This modular heating system has been winning awards across Europe. 3Thermo is the Number 1 choice for heating in many eco/passive home builds, as well as Lofts, Extensions, New builds, Refurbs, Retro Fits and Commercial Applications (Hospitals, Zoos, Care Homes and Schools). 3Thermo is a versatile system and can be installed as a wet system off any hot water feed or using electricity.

3THERMO key advantages:

– NO WATER OR ELECTRICITY running through your walls! 3Thermo’s patented design uses thermal radiation to heat your home. Making 3Thermo the world’s first HYBRID heating system!

– LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION 3Thermo uses only 31 ml of water and/or 160W of electricity per radiator. This is one of the ways we provide great savings on your gas/electricity bills saving you up to 40% annually.

– GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH the only heating system to have a European wide health certificate. 3Thermo provides an ambient temperature in your home, eliminating the form of dust/allergens. Perfect for people with asthma, hay-fever and other types of allergies.

– GOOD FOR YOUR HOME 3Thermo is also the only heating system to be proven to reduce the form of mould and damp in your property. We provide heat to your home like the sun’s ray’s. Having nice warm walls doesn’t only create a heat barrier but also controls the moisture in the air.

– CONCEALED The heating system is only 8.5mm thick so it can be fully concealed into your walls. You can apply any normal plaster or plaster board over the top.

– COMPATIBLE with other heating systems, you can use us alongside UFH as we use the same manifold system, giving you design flexibility. You can also use us in new extension/refurbs alongside your conventional heating system. We can be use with normal boilers as well as air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar panels and water jackets.