What is hybrid wall heating?

3thermo prides itself on being the only company offering concealed hybrid heating system. This terminology might sound quite mysterious, so let’s explain – what do we mean by hybrid? Simply put, a hybrid system brings together two technologies to make the most of their combined benefits.


Our heating system is unique in the way it combines two different technologies. We use the method of conduction to distribute the heat from the water, which is only used in the bottom collector. It sets it apart from traditional heating system which is entirely water-based. That means we could reduce the amount of water needed to make the heating work. To illustrate that, you can take an example of a three bedroom property, of about 100m2. To heat it with traditional radiators, you would need around 200 liters of water. Our system will only use around 30 liters of water to produce equivalent output of heat – which is a massive difference!


While we still use the heat from the water, we conduct it through a different method. The heat from the water is conducted into the heat pipes, which generate and distribute the heat to output into the property. Those heat pipes are fully dry system, which means there is no water running through your entire wall. Therefore 3thermo combines the wet and the dry system, which is what makes it a hybrid – combination of two technologies.

To better understand the idea of combining technologies in this way, you can think of a hybrid electric car – which would still use petrol to charge the battery. You could compare water in our system to the petrol, and the pipes to batteries. Using both technologies allows us to get an optimal amount of heat using far less water than you would with a traditional system


We will advise you on the best choice of heating solution for your building


We know that the choice of the right heating system for your house can feel daunting. There are many factors to consider, and if you don’t have in-depth technical knowledge, you might worry you won’t know what to look out for. 3thermo will advise you on the specific solutions for your building, so that you know you are getting exactly what you need to keep your heating efficient and affordable.


Why should you consider using our concealed heating system in the first place? 3thermo offers heating solution which is healthy (the only system certified as hypoallergenic), environmentally friendly and economically viable. Our system is designed to prevent heat losses exactly where they occur – along the walls – and therefore allows you to maintain the optimal temperature in the room without wasting energy.

Thanks to our detailed planning phase we can present you with a project which takes into consideration the size and layout of the space, and the expertise of our engineers allows us to precisely plan how many radiators are needed and where to place them to most efficiently heat the space. While we can be flexible and we will always let you have the final say on the project, we recommend following the suggestions made by our engineers to guarantee that the heat losses are minimised and that the heating system works with its full efficiency allowing you to keep the bills low.

We will survey your property free of charge and let you know if it is possible to mount the wall heating system


Here at 3thermo we’re all about customer satisfaction. We value transparency and we will make sure to carefully evaluate your property and only suggest the solutions that are best for you.


We will always encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to have a site visit. We are more than happy to come around and discuss how our heating system works, so that you can speak to someone face to face rather than over the email or telephone. This personal touch is very important to us and helps us build great relationships with our clients.



Moreover, the site visit, which is available to you free of charge, allows us have a look at the property and advise you whether our system is suitable for your house or not. There are some spaces where wall heating is not an optimal solution, such as some kitchen areas which don’t have enough wall space, or a conservatory with large double doors leading outside. Those spaces might benefit from using underfloor heating instead. However, if that’s the case, you might still be able to install our system in other rooms.

As a part of our company policy, we prioritise customer satisfaction and we want to ensure that our system is right for you. You can be certain that we will consider the type of space you have and offer the solution that allows you to minimise heat losses in your property. Just remember to contact us at first fix stage!


Our brand new and improved collector


At 3thermo we always strive for constant innovation and improvement to our product, every time listening to feedback and paying attention to the needs of the market. We have recently decided to redesign our collector to make it more versatile. That change promises to provide even better experience for the installers working with our product and it makes it possible to lower the cost of installation of our system.

When we first launched our product, the original collector was designed to only connect to a special rubber tube provided by our company. While we still believe in the benefits of using the rubber tube, we wanted to make our system compatible with a standard plastic tube which has been available on the market for many years and which is normally used for installing the underfloor heating systems. Due to the popularity and affordable prices of the plastic tube, we are now able to lower the cost of installation of our system which can potentially make a difference of thousands of pounds for some of our biggest commercial projects. The impulse for change came from our discussions with Rehau, a leading underfloor heating system manufacturer from Germany. After we identified potential benefits of the improvement for the clients, we did not wait long before contacting the underfloor heating market leader. We followed their advice on how we could accommodate this change. We decided to respond to the needs of the market and make our system compatible with the plastic tubes used by Rehau. Because it is a standard size pipe our clients can choose from a variety of suppliers, but we will always recommend what is best for the customer. We do not expect our clients to be heating experts, hence we are always here to assist and get all the relevant materials in place for the project. In fact, they do not even need to spend a minute choosing the right equipment, as we promise to only use well know, good quality and reliable materials. We would never compromise on quality and this is something, we pride ourselves in. This amendment was purely made for the benefits to our clients. The material used in the new collector is of the same if not better quality. We invested our money and time, because we strive to be the best on the market.

Our new collector has been designed, tested and fully integrated into our radiators. It is now fully ready to be installed for the next client. The plastic pipes that connect to the improved collector are cheaper and easily accessible from many stores in UK which makes our and our customers’ life much easier. The installation of our radiators and connecting it to the pipework is very easy, because of how well the equipment is designed. Now even easier with the ability to connect to the plastic pipes. We are estimating average saving of a project to be around 15% for the material cost (pipes) which we considerably pleased with and so will be our clients for sure. Even though our product looks the same it is better than ever, we are very excited to communicate this with our partners and customers.

This improvement was only possible due to careful listening to our clients and partners. We are always open for feedback and encourage all our project leaders to continuously look for new innovative solutions. This was one of the answers we received from them, which we are grateful for. It is the only way in which we can constantly improve- it has been our aim from the start and will always be.

Overall, we are very happy with the results brought by the change and we promise we will keep looking out for ways to make our product even better and easier to use whenever possible.

1.C22The new collector looks pretty much the same as the old one with the exception of the ends. They are now compatible with more affordable pipes making it easier if the customer chooses to install both the underfloor heating and the wall heating at their property. It means a purchase of only one type of pipes for all rooms.

Project: fitting our concealed heating system throughout the property in Wanstead


We love being able to perfectly match the needs of our customers with the 3thermo system. That was the case for the client in Wanstead, who found it ideal for the property he was refurbishing for several reasons. It’s been quite a big project, working across the entire property, and we’re just about to hand it over.

The talks of the Wanstead project started last year, working with a client who is refurbishing his property. He has a flat and he realized that our concealed wall heating system is not only cost-efficient, but it is also a perfect solution to save space in his property by putting the heating units directly inside the wall.

On top of these qualities, he found another big reason to choose our system. Since his property has a lot of exterior walls, a lot of them are susceptible to damp, and there is a high risk of damp and mould forming in the house. It’s not only a factor that would speed up deterioration of a recently renovated interior, but a serious health hazard. Fortunately, our heating system is designed in a way that reduces damp and mould in the property. Since it heats the walls, it actually prevents the condensation from occurring due to difference in temperature between the walls and the heated air inside, which is what happens with traditional systems. Therefore our system serves a double purpose – not only providing heat, but preventing damp and mould.


The Wanstead project involved almost 30 of our radiators placed throughout the property, with the exception of the bathrooms where the electric underfloor heating was installed. While underfloor heating companies are our main competitor on the heating market, the installation with 3thermo is a much easier and quicker process, which makes us a popular choice. Installation of underfloor heating can get expensive, and it takes a lot of time as well, since first you have for installation to dry, then you have to screed it… there’s many different processes involved which takes time. Our system, on the other hand, goes directly onto the wall, we then put the piping at the bottom, run the necessary tests and at this point our radiators are ready for you to put plaster over the top. The whole process takes no more than a few days, which makes it quick and easy compared to the competitors. And while our materials might be more expensive than those used in underfloor heating, the overall installation works out much cheaper.


At the time of writing, the works in Wanstead are still under way: the radiators have been put up, but the plaster hasn’t gone up yet. At this stage, the next step is running pressure and heat tests, which allow us to ensure that all radiators are heating up correctly after installation. If there are any manufacturer’s faults in any of the units, we are able to notice it immediately and have it replaced before the plaster goes up.

The tool that we use for our heat tests resembles a gun. First you need to run water through the system and let the radiators start working. Then we’ll come around and use the gun to check whether all radiators are heating up properly, reaching the temperature they’re expected to reach. We also check if they heat all the way to the top and that there isn’t a significant difference in temperature between top and bottom of the wall. Once we have run the test, we can either exchange any radiators that don’t meet the expected standard, or, if everything works well, we will give you green light to start plastering. The test itself doesn’t take much time: it’s normally a few hours, depending on size of the property, no longer than a day.

After we finish testing in Wanstead, our job there will be done, as our client is using his own builders team for plastering and finishing off the interior. We are excited to complete another project and hand over the system that perfectly meets the needs of our client. We know that he’s very happy with what our system can do – so much, in fact, that he is already planning to work with 3thermo on two further projects he’s taking on. We believe it’s the greatest recommendation when our customers want to continue our collaboration and we’re looking forward to the future projects!


Romford project

Romford project 2y

Bathrooms are among the most common spaces for people to get underfloor heating installed, but they are also a great place to benefit from the wall heating system. We take on many projects of this kind. Below you can learn about one of our most recent examples, a bathroom wall heating installation for our client in Romford, near London.

3thermo regularly participates in fairs and markets promoting our products and that’s where we find a large part of our customer base. That’s also how the Romford project came to be: we had a couple approach us during a recent fair, and after they had a chance to see and learn about our product, they fell in love with it right away. At the time, they were already in the process of renovating their bathroom, so they were ready for immediate start.

We already accepted the order and took advance during the fair, so the next step we took was visiting the site. There we could estimate the total cost of the assignment and, since the building plans were not available to us, carry out the audit taking measurements and analyzing the parameters of the room. Only then could we make the necessary calculations to estimate the level of heat loss and the amount of heat needed to counteract them, so that we could present the clients with the project that will suit their needs and efficiently heat their bathroom. In this case the ideal solution involved three of our big heaters, 170×60 cm, as well as one small heater (75cm) which we added for FREE. Two of them were installed under the layer of tiles in the shower, one landed by the toilet and the small one got placed by the window to actively counteract the heat loss where it tends to be the highest. With only a small window that our clients had in their bathroom, the level heat loss wasn’t very high, so we managed to prevent it very efficiently, and we are confident that temperature drops as low as -20 degrees Celsius won’t affect the efficiency of our heating.

Outside of the bathroom, we placed the control panel, so that the users can adjust the temperature to their liking. This means they can set the exact temperature they want in the bathroom and after fifteen to twenty minutes come back to the bathroom being just as warm as they wanted. We also provided full training on how to use the system, so that they know exactly what to do without any guesswork. The Romford customers could then continue renovating their bathroom. As 3thermo only took care of installing the heating system, without any further work, we finished our part swiftly in just two days, letting the customers proceed with the rest of their renovation on their own schedule, without lengthy disruption. We pride ourselves on efficiency of our work, both in terms of time and cost. We have a range of tools and expertise allowing us to face even most challenging situations and finding the best way to install our system. For example, we use drills of various sizes to be able to get through the thickest walls. Our work in Romford required us to drill through a particularly thick wall to avoid having to take the pipes up – which meant we were able to use fewer pipes and lower the cost of installation.

Finally, once we set up the system, we had one last task left to do – test the system to ensure it works flawlessly for our customers. In fact, as a company standard we always conduct our testing in two stages, first checking every heater before it even gets packed up and sent to the client’s house. We have a small electric heating unit we use to warm up the heater instantly, and then we measure the temperature to check that everything works as intended. In the second stage, after the installation, we conduct another test, which consists of two parts. First, we do the pressure test, which involves running the water through to test whether it remains leakproof under high pressure. Then we conduct the temperature test, putting hot water through the system to see if everything heats up as intended. Our Romford installation passed all the tests with flying colours, which meant it was ready to be used by our clients – and they were happy with their new heating system matching the vision they had for the renovated bathroom.

Romford project 1


Our range of tools includes some rather large drills… They allow us to get through the thickest of walls so that we can use fewer pipes for our installations – this equals more savings for our clients!


Romford project 2

Connecting our wall heater to the pre-existing plumbing system.


Romford project 3

All done! The heater has been installed, connected with the pipeworks and tested. Now the wall is ready for covering with plaster or tiles.

You call us, what happens next?


Our heating system is a unique innovation, so you might not be sure what to expect of the process. 3thermo will keep it easy and straightforward, so with just a few simple steps you’ll be able to enjoy your new heating.


Once you make the initial contact with us, we will check if you have any questions about our system and do our best to answer them, by phone or email – however you contact us. When you decide to get a 3thermo system, we will first ask you for architectural drawings of the site along with the measurements. If you don’t have access to those, however, you don’t have to worry, as we can also conduct full audit on site and gather the information we need.


The next step we take is preparing the concept drawings for the heating system, and generating a quote. Ideally, we’ll want to send a team member to the site with the quote to discuss it in person. If it is not an option, we can also send it via email, so that you can look through it. Once you give us your approval, we will arrange the delivery. We would like you to be present at that stage, along with your plumber and installer, in order for us to provide full training. We will also remain available during the installation process, whether you need us to come to the site or if you just want to give us a call and discuss anything regarding the installation.


That is a great solution for those of our clients who are already working on the renovation of their property and have builders team on site. However, if that is not the case for you, you don’t have to go out of your way to find installers – we can take care of that for you. We will work with you to choose the best time and either start working on the delivery day, or come back later when you request us to do the installation.


We mount the electrical installation for our wall heating system

We are proud of our comprehensive offer and we can tailor the scope of our service to your needs. We can take care of the heating from start to finish, including the electrical installation for the heating, but that’s not everything. If you would like further work done, make sure to let us know and we can suggest the best solution for you.

Here at 3thermo we have an experienced installation team who can conduct the installation for you from start to finish. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, we can provide training guides, have someone on site to oversee the process, and furthermore, we’re always available over the phone to talk you through the installation. Mounting the electronics for the heating system is part of 3thermo’s service, but what if you would like to have work done on the whole electronic system? We can also help with that!


We have access to fully qualified and certified building team, including plumbing and electricity teams. That means we can help you with full refurbishment of the house, depending on your needs, whether it’s just electronics or more, like roofing, tiling or flooring. We would usually ask for about two weeks’ notice before starting work, though we can do it sooner in case of emergency.

We therefore encourage you to speak with us at the early stage so that we can work out the plan that works best for your needs and your budget. Although the 3thermo warranty covers specifically the heating system along with electrical installation made for it, we can arrange comprehensive building work beyond that, so that you can get all the services you need conveniently organised at one place.

How do we design our wall heating system for your house?

We do not only provide the wall radiators themselves, but also a comprehensive service including the design. We will evaluate your property and tell you what the ideal placement is for our units to make the system work at its best.

When we design the layout for our system in the property, we always keep in mind efficiency. We aim to place our units on external walls in the first place, as that is where the maximum amount of heat loss occurs and that’s how we can best counteract it. So, any cold walls or external walls are the first location we consider.

Our range includes short radiators which can be placed underneath the windows, for example, which is another great spot for us in terms of preventing the heat loss. However, if we find there is not enough space on external walls, we will consider the internal walls as well.

When we prepare our designs, we work with floor plans or architectural drawings. We will use them as a basis for our concept drawings, where we mark where we would like to place the radiators. We will then show the plan to you as a part of your quote, so that you’ll know exactly where the radiators would go before we start any work. If you want to make any changes at this stage, do let us know – we can adapt to your request. While we will always advise you on what the best placement for our radiators is, we are happy to work together with you to consider your wishes and find a location that would be optimal.

What is the warranty of our wall heating system?

Once you install your new system, you want it to work flawlessly – and it usually does. In case of any unexpected issues though, you don’t have to worry knowing that the 3thermo system is covered under warranty and we’ll come deal with any problems that might come up.


We offer a basic warranty of 24 months and 3thermo only needs servicing after ten years.

The servicing should be done by a 3thermo qualified person, and after that servicing you will be given another ten years, making it a total of twenty years warranty. However, for the warranty to be valid, it is important that your system is installed by a 3thermo qualified person, so that they can stamp your warranty card. You also need to have your radiators provided by a 3thermo approved distributor.

Our basic warranty is a parts and labour warranty, which covers any manufacturer’s defaults on the heating system. If your radiator stops working due to manufacturing issue, it will be included under that warranty. The manufacturing fault covered by the warranty would be for example gas leaking out of one of the pipes. In that case we would come and deal with it, changing the radiator for free and paying for any extra cost involved like the plastering.

However if the issue is a user’s fault – for example putting a hole through the radiator – it won’t be covered by the warranty. We will nevertheless still be happy to come and fix it for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us even for issues outside of the warranty cover. You also don’t need to worry too much about damaging the radiators yourself. It is not very likely, as we provide a full training for our system during the installation process, so you’ll know exactly how to use it without risking any damage.