Innovative houses of the future with the 3THERMO heating system

Near Poznań, just by the beach on Lake Kierskie in the Chyby Tarnowo Podgórne municipality), a complex of 10 prestigious residences is being built – On the Lake Chyby Housing Estate. We are glad that 3THERMO can participate in this pro-ecological project of the EM4 developer and contribute a bit to the construction of houses of the future. The residences in Chyby are made of solid timber insulated with wood wool, and they achieve the parameters of a passive house.

In the houses of the future, a range of innovative pro-ecological solutions has been used, including, amongst other things, their own photovoltaic power stations, 3THERMO heating systems and heat pumps. According to the investor, the inhabitants of the On the Lake Chyby Housing Estate will be almost completely independent of external power supplies, and top-quality equipment will influence the comfort of living, e.g. three-pane windows and an intelligent house management system.

3THERMO in Poznan’s ZOO

ZOO in Poznan has finished the installation of 3THERMO heating system in the monkey enclosure.

Heating using conventional radiators was harmful for the animals and had a negative effect on their health.

The new heating system based on 3THERMO radiators has been approved by a General Veterinary Inspectorate as it is able to simulate a natural environment. It provides an optimal air humidity and heat distribution across the enclosure.

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Grand Designs Show 2018

Grand Designs Live exhibition is one of the most important events dedicated to the contemporary design and technology for the home and garden. The show at London’s Excel attracts up to 100 000 visitors during 9 days in May. This year the exhibition takes place from 5th to 13th of May.
The show offers opportunity to see a past, present and future of the home renovations and build.3THERMO concealed hybrid radiators are cutting edge technology in heating offering a healthy, innovative and cost effective heating system.
The team at 3THERMO UK have prepared an exclusive offer for the visitors. Those who place an order during the show and pay a deposit fee will receive free manifold/piping/accessories.
Please come and see us at stand number B389 for live demonstrations and take advantage of the special show offer!

Innovative Wielkopolska competition

We would like to inform that 3THERMO has entered into a competition i-Wielkopolska : The Innovative for Wielkopolska, for an award of the Marshall of the Province, organised by the Marshall Office in Poznań. We are going to compete with companies from the area of Wielkopolskie province.

Within the initiative, awards will be granted to Wielkopolska companies for innovative solutions included in the companies’ offers; products or services will be divided into six categories in line with six intelligent specialisations for the region:

  1. Bio-materials and food for aware consumers
  2. Interiors of the future
  3. Industry of the future
  4. Specialised logistics processes
  5. ICT-based development
  6. Modern medical technologies

Winners of the competition will receive financial awards the total value of PLN 120,000.00 and promotional packages whose total value amounts to PLN 90,000.00.

We have undergone formal assessment of applications and have qualified for the first stage of content-related assessment to be conducted in the second half of October by members of Working Groups of Intelligent Specialisations Forum.

3THERMO radiators available in SBS network

3THERMO, a producer of unique concealed radiators, the only solution employing aluminium radiating parts for heating purposes, has concluded a sales contract with the largest network selling sanitary, heating and installation products in Poland.

SBS group has 90 warehouses and 180 points of sale located all around Poland. The group is a market payer whose position is reinforced by 15 years’ experience, 220 suppliers from the sanitary, heating and installation sector, and 250 thousand products of renowned manufacturers on the offer.

3THERMO has just joined the group. Hybrid concealed radiators are soon to be available from the network shops, thus increasing their accessibility to customers.

A series of training sessions for installation companies

We invite installation companies and fitters to take part in installation training sessions organized by 3THERMO. Training sessions are held all over Poland in offices of our distributors and cooperating companies.

The training includes the principles of selecting and installing concealed radiators. Also, the idea of wall heating and its advantages is discussed. WE also explain how our radiator works and prove that the installation can take only one minute.

We also present a new type of SIRK installation based on the EPDM rubber pipe.

Person providing the 3THERMO training – Janusz Drzewuszewski.

We heat houses, not the planet

In recognition of outstanding advantages of our product and benefits from its use as regards effectiveness and energy savings, 3THERMO has received an exceptional distinction from the Polski Instytut Budownictwa Pasywnego i Energii Odnawialnej imienia Güntera Schlagowskiego NON-PROFIT Sp. z o.o. (Günter Schlagowski Polish Institute of Passive Building Systems and Renewable Energy).

PIBPiEO is a Polish entity accredited by the Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt to conduct the certification of passive buildings and provide CEPH training.

Passive Building Ambassadors are a group of companies from various areas of the construction industry that introduce innovation onto the Polish market in the form of components and construction systems to be used in passive buildings and provide services in the design and construction of such facilities based on passive building criteria according to the highest standards developed by the Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt.

3THERMO became a new member of the Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pump Technology

PORT PC is a recognized and opinion-making association which participates in legislative work and in the creation of policy regarding energy-saving construction based on heat pumps. In addition, PORT PC conducts educational activities setting up guidelines for industry designers in low-energy construction following the German model of VDI .

As a manufacturer of energy-saving concealed radiators, we support all actions popularizing systems of renewable energy sources. The modern form of wall heating, which our company implements as a low-temperature system, is very efficient in cooperation with environmentally friendly energy sources. Also, the structure of the radiator itself is based on the same model of heat exchange (water-gas) as in the case of solutions used in existing heat pumps.


3THERMO at the SIBEX 2016 fair

The last SIBEX Building and Interior Decoration Fair has already taken place. We would like to thank our partners from Silesia – the company ARKAR for the organization, professional service and photos, which can be seen by all who have not been able to get to Sosnowiec.

On behalf of 3THERMO, we would also like to thank all participants of and visitors to the SIBEX fair. We hope that you liked our product and our representatives met your expectations and presented it in a thorough manner.

Kind regards.

Media about us

More and more various editorial boards specializing in the building sector are interested in our radiators. So, we would like to thank all authors and editorial boards that have decided to publish some information about our product. We hope that wall heating will become popular and will overcome the common fear of the unknown, as was the case with subfloor heating. On our part, we will do our best to spread the ideas of wall heating, thus promoting our Polish product – concealed radiators.

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