Concealed Radiators

Installation of a wall heating system at the price of typical floor heating? Mounting the radiator in a plasterwork layer, without increasing its density? Operation at any temperature range with guaranteed aesthetics and durability? No possibility of leaking as a result of, for example, drills in the wall?
A possibility of using gypsum plaster in a wall heating system?


We have designed the 3THERMO concealed radiator to guarantee the complete safety of installation for users. Contrary to popular surface solutions (floor heating, capillary matting), it does not introduce water under the plasterwork or the floor. Thanks to that, we have eliminated the risk of flooding the wall or floor if there is mechanical damage to the radiator or the installation.
The structure of the 3THERMO concealed radiator eliminates the risk of cracks appearing in the plasterwork layer. Regardless of the type of mortar, the radiator acts as reinforcement for the plasterwork, even if its layer is very thin. The 3THERMO concealed radiator does not cause any discolouring on the wall, which can be a real nuisance for users of concealed electric heating and which is caused by magnetic field.

Wall heating systems used to be reserved for very demanding customers, who were able to afford their expensive implementation. Thanks to us, installing a wall system is easier than installing a floor heating one.
Our radiator combines all the benefits of traditional heating systems and modern surface solutions. On the one hand, it is as simple and reliable as traditional wall radiators. And on the other, it is thin, light and can be used on every type of wall thanks to its ultramodern aluminium construction. Installation of the system is quicker and simpler than any other type of heating source.

Thinking about our customers’ wallets, we have limited the number of accessories needed to mount the 3THERMO radiator to the bare minimum. After covering it with a thin layer of plasterwork, the radiator becomes completely invisible.
Choose the best form of surface heating and implement it thanks to 3THERMO concealed radiators!