Innovative houses of the future with the 3THERMO heating system

Near Poznań, just by the beach on Lake Kierskie in the Chyby Tarnowo Podgórne municipality), a complex of 10 prestigious residences is being built – On the Lake Chyby Housing Estate. We are glad that 3THERMO can participate in this pro-ecological project of the EM4 developer and contribute a bit to the construction of houses of the future. The residences in Chyby are made of solid timber insulated with wood wool, and they achieve the parameters of a passive house.

In the houses of the future, a range of innovative pro-ecological solutions has been used, including, amongst other things, their own photovoltaic power stations, 3THERMO heating systems and heat pumps. According to the investor, the inhabitants of the On the Lake Chyby Housing Estate will be almost completely independent of external power supplies, and top-quality equipment will influence the comfort of living, e.g. three-pane windows and an intelligent house management system.

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