Innovative Wielkopolska competition

We would like to inform that 3THERMO has entered into a competition i-Wielkopolska : The Innovative for Wielkopolska, for an award of the Marshall of the Province, organised by the Marshall Office in Poznań. We are going to compete with companies from the area of Wielkopolskie province.

Within the initiative, awards will be granted to Wielkopolska companies for innovative solutions included in the companies’ offers; products or services will be divided into six categories in line with six intelligent specialisations for the region:

  1. Bio-materials and food for aware consumers
  2. Interiors of the future
  3. Industry of the future
  4. Specialised logistics processes
  5. ICT-based development
  6. Modern medical technologies

Winners of the competition will receive financial awards the total value of PLN 120,000.00 and promotional packages whose total value amounts to PLN 90,000.00.

We have undergone formal assessment of applications and have qualified for the first stage of content-related assessment to be conducted in the second half of October by members of Working Groups of Intelligent Specialisations Forum.

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