3THERMO became a new member of the Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pump Technology

PORT PC is a recognized and opinion-making association which participates in legislative work and in the creation of policy regarding energy-saving construction based on heat pumps. In addition, PORT PC conducts educational activities setting up guidelines for industry designers in low-energy construction following the German model of VDI .

As a manufacturer of energy-saving concealed radiators, we support all actions popularizing systems of renewable energy sources. The modern form of wall heating, which our company implements as a low-temperature system, is very efficient in cooperation with environmentally friendly energy sources. Also, the structure of the radiator itself is based on the same model of heat exchange (water-gas) as in the case of solutions used in existing heat pumps.


New in-wall heating – homebuilding.co.uk

“When faced with the challenge of choosing an emitter type for our homes we are usually asked whether we want radiators or underfloor heating. You may also possibly have been ofered fan convector radiators, skirting board radiators or even warm air systems, but there is now another system available that may make you ask: Why has this not been done before?”

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Design – ALLERGY SUFFERER’S ROOM – at Allergy Days

From 21 to 23 October 2016 during the 3rd Allergy Days at the Warsaw Expo, under the patronage of Hipoalergiczni magazine, we presented our project – the Allergy Sufferer’s Room. Together with other companies that offer a product consistent with the idea of the project, we created a ready-to-use concept of a room friendly to people who are sensitive to things such as allergies and who suffer from asthma. Concealed radiators perfectly fit the design of a flawless room in a very natural way, since it is a heating system that does not collect dust, bacteria and does not blow onto them, it is also effective prevention against potential fungi on the walls. The 3THERMO system also keeps a steady level of humidity that is appropriate for people in the room without involving other devices or additional energy.

The Allergy Sufferer’s Room is a range of products supporting hygiene and a healthy lifestyle– more in a separate article of the program’s sponsor – Hipoalergiczni magazine.

3THERMO at the SIBEX 2016 fair

The last SIBEX Building and Interior Decoration Fair has already taken place. We would like to thank our partners from Silesia – the company ARKAR for the organization, professional service and photos, which can be seen by all who have not been able to get to Sosnowiec.

On behalf of 3THERMO, we would also like to thank all participants of and visitors to the SIBEX fair. We hope that you liked our product and our representatives met your expectations and presented it in a thorough manner.

Kind regards.

Media about us

More and more various editorial boards specializing in the building sector are interested in our radiators. So, we would like to thank all authors and editorial boards that have decided to publish some information about our product. We hope that wall heating will become popular and will overcome the common fear of the unknown, as was the case with subfloor heating. On our part, we will do our best to spread the ideas of wall heating, thus promoting our Polish product – concealed radiators.

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