Plasterboard Installation

Assembly of a radiator with no additional reinforcement of the plasterwork? Compatibility with every plasterboard system? A radiator which can be fully concealed inside a plasterboard as an addition to it? Mounting a radiator in 3 minutes? The heating power of 250 W in one square metre of a wall?

YES – Now all of this is possible!

We have designed the 3THERMO concealed radiator in its drywall version as a solution to problems with the installation of traditional heating systems in plasterboard walls. The large mass of wall radiators requires mounting an additional supporting construction, which will protect the wall from breaking.
Don’t go through the hassle of a standard radiator; why not install a concealed radiator in 3 minutes instead.

Thanks to the light-weight structure of the 3THERMO radiator (1.6 kg) and its ultra-thin construction, it can be mounted into a plasterboard wall by putting it inside a standard partition wall rack with a spacing of 60 cm. After the plasterboard is screwed into place, the radiator and the installation will become completely invisible.
Due to its low capacity of accumulating heat in plasterboard walls, the plasterboard wall system, requires to be treated as an energy emitter. This is why a standard 3THERMO radiator is equipped with aluminium photothermic foil so as to increase its active heating surface and thus maximise the system’s efficiency.

A concealed radiator in the plasterboard version is not just another wall system, but rather an ADDITION to the existing typical plasterboard systems. This is why you can mount a 3THERMO radiator at any moment and during any stage of assembling standard plasterboard walls. You can even supply the water needed from the central heating system through original system culverts in the wall’s construction!

It has never been so simple!
The system is perfect for simple partition walls as well as for the perimeter in an attic. In addition, placing a 3THERMO radiator on a flat roof will create a natural active thermal barrier, which will significantly reduce the operating costs of the building.
Turn your flat roof into an active thermal barrier and leave your house walls clean, with no hanging heating elements.

Sleep is the way in which the human body regenerates. This is why the conditions in your sleeping room should be as good as possible. Nothing is as good for a human being than natural heating radiation.

Treat yourself to peaceful sleep with the healthiest heating method: Choose 3THERMO radiators.