Global warming and how we can help with energy efficiency

In many ways the summer of 2018 in Europe will be remembered as a good one. We experienced warm weather and in places such as the UK, this was a welcome break from the drab conditions often associated with a British summer.

However, the warm weather was uncharacteristic and part of the more worrying trend of global warming.

While, citizens of some countries might wish for a few degrees increase in regular temperatures such as those in Northern Europe, the consequences of such an increase are already beginning to be seen.

Cows are dying of thirst in Switzerland, glaciers are melting in many Alpine areas across Europe and forest fires are breaking out in Sweden, a country not known to frequently experience this phenomenon.

Global warming is clearly an issue that will affect so many parts of our day to day lives from farming, food and water supply, the infrastructure of our towns and more.

Energy and Global Warming

Global warming is directly linked to the process of acquiring energy. We acquire energy through two means; non renewable and renewable forms.

Most of our energy is still supplied through non renewable means i.e. coal, oil and gas. These are finite resources and will eventually run out one day.

As an added downside, the process of getting the energy from them releases CO2 into the atmosphere which contributes to the phenomenon of global warming.

Renewable energy, on the other hand harnesses the naturally occuring forms of energy this earth has blessed us with.

This can come in the form of solar power captured from solar panels, wind power captured by wind turbines and many others. These will never run out and even better, they do not contribute to global warming.

Governments and organisations are starting to adopt these measures but they are more expensive than the cheap dirty stuff.

global warming energy efficiency

Energy usage

Part of the issue is not simply that we have used non renewable energy to power our homes, cars and so on. We did that for the last century and the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere remained under dangerous levels.

The problem is that the global population exploded at an unprecedented rate since the middle of the twentieth century and all of those people need energy. We are also more wealthy as a society than ever before and that’s given us access to more products that also need energy to function.

Phones, laptops, games consoles, TVs – they all need energy.

However, it is a basic human right to have shelter – that is not a luxury. This shelter should provide protection and comfort from outside weather through the seasons.

In winter, we want to be warm. In summer, we want to be cool. In the face of the environmental crisis we face, our homes must be designed with energy efficiency at the forefront.

What can we to do about global warming?

If we can cut down on our energy usage we can make the resources we have last longer while sustainable energy is more widely adopted.

One way to cut down on energy usage is to make sure that the energy we do use gets used for the task we want it to and none of it gets wasted.

So when we want to make the house warmer in winter, the energy used is only used to carry out that task.

At Three Thermo we are committed to making sure all future energy supplied to our houses is used more efficiently.

We believe our concealed radiators are part of that solution. As well as the environmental benefits of increased energy efficiency, our radiation system generates 40-50% energy savings compared to convection solutions which means you’re also financially better off.

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