10 fun facts you didn’t know about heating

So you’re probably thinking there is not much to know about heating your home, only that you need it in the winter and it is progressively getting more expensive!

However below, we have 10 facts hopefully you will bear in mind the next time you switch on your heater.

10 home heating facts you never knew

  1. Guess who created heated floors? Yes that’s right, they have done it again! The Romans would place slabs over a heated source.

  2. July 2018, was the hottest month in the UK in 2018 with temperatures averaging 30 degrees +! Ouch, remember those figures when you’re shivering in the early hours of the Great British winter. 
  3. Newer is not always better? This phrase definitely does not apply when it comes to heating! Older radiators such as those used by the Victorians, were made out of cast iron and would weigh more than 490 pounds per square foot. 
  4. Artificial heating can impact the way in which we tolerate and react to natural temperature. heating facts radiator

    For example, if we are used to having the heating on all year round including in 25 degree heat, when we do not have our heating on we may feel cold even though 25 degree heat in Britain is far from cold! Interesting! So, next time your colleagues says they are cold… believe them!


  5. At 140 degrees it can take 5 seconds to burn skin and therefore when setting your water heater, it should be no more than 120 degrees. Stay safe and warm this winter. 
  6. Nasa states that when the temperature reaches 35 degrees celsius, our work output decreases by 45%. Next time there is a heatwave, tell your boss! 
  7. Polar bears may have white fur however, they have black skin! This is used to help absorb heat from the sun. 
  8. Although all sentient beings are affected by heat, apparently so are objects. The tennis balls at Wimbledon are kept refrigerated at 20 degrees celsius until they are used. 
  9. 1 wind turbine can generate electricity for 1,400 homes. WOW! Who knew the wind can be help keep me warm! 
  10. Solar power doesn’t always need sun! Solar power harvested during sunlight hours can be stored using salt and used for power in the night. This is done in Spain and produces 7 hours of energy.

I hoped you enjoyed all the fun facts! Be sure to stay tuned!

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