How do we design our wall heating system for your house?

We do not only provide the wall radiators themselves, but also a comprehensive service including the design. We will evaluate your property and tell you what the ideal placement is for our units to make the system work at its best.

When we design the layout for our system in the property, we always keep in mind efficiency. We aim to place our units on external walls in the first place, as that is where the maximum amount of heat loss occurs and that’s how we can best counteract it. So, any cold walls or external walls are the first location we consider.

Our range includes short radiators which can be placed underneath the windows, for example, which is another great spot for us in terms of preventing the heat loss. However, if we find there is not enough space on external walls, we will consider the internal walls as well.

When we prepare our designs, we work with floor plans or architectural drawings. We will use them as a basis for our concept drawings, where we mark where we would like to place the radiators. We will then show the plan to you as a part of your quote, so that you’ll know exactly where the radiators would go before we start any work. If you want to make any changes at this stage, do let us know – we can adapt to your request. While we will always advise you on what the best placement for our radiators is, we are happy to work together with you to consider your wishes and find a location that would be optimal.

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