Our brand new and improved collector


At 3thermo we always strive for constant innovation and improvement to our product, every time listening to feedback and paying attention to the needs of the market. We have recently decided to redesign our collector to make it more versatile. That change promises to provide even better experience for the installers working with our product and it makes it possible to lower the cost of installation of our system.

When we first launched our product, the original collector was designed to only connect to a special rubber tube provided by our company. While we still believe in the benefits of using the rubber tube, we wanted to make our system compatible with a standard plastic tube which has been available on the market for many years and which is normally used for installing the underfloor heating systems. Due to the popularity and affordable prices of the plastic tube, we are now able to lower the cost of installation of our system which can potentially make a difference of thousands of pounds for some of our biggest commercial projects. The impulse for change came from our discussions with Rehau, a leading underfloor heating system manufacturer from Germany. After we identified potential benefits of the improvement for the clients, we did not wait long before contacting the underfloor heating market leader. We followed their advice on how we could accommodate this change. We decided to respond to the needs of the market and make our system compatible with the plastic tubes used by Rehau. Because it is a standard size pipe our clients can choose from a variety of suppliers, but we will always recommend what is best for the customer. We do not expect our clients to be heating experts, hence we are always here to assist and get all the relevant materials in place for the project. In fact, they do not even need to spend a minute choosing the right equipment, as we promise to only use well know, good quality and reliable materials. We would never compromise on quality and this is something, we pride ourselves in. This amendment was purely made for the benefits to our clients. The material used in the new collector is of the same if not better quality. We invested our money and time, because we strive to be the best on the market.

Our new collector has been designed, tested and fully integrated into our radiators. It is now fully ready to be installed for the next client. The plastic pipes that connect to the improved collector are cheaper and easily accessible from many stores in UK which makes our and our customers’ life much easier. The installation of our radiators and connecting it to the pipework is very easy, because of how well the equipment is designed. Now even easier with the ability to connect to the plastic pipes. We are estimating average saving of a project to be around 15% for the material cost (pipes) which we considerably pleased with and so will be our clients for sure. Even though our product looks the same it is better than ever, we are very excited to communicate this with our partners and customers.

This improvement was only possible due to careful listening to our clients and partners. We are always open for feedback and encourage all our project leaders to continuously look for new innovative solutions. This was one of the answers we received from them, which we are grateful for. It is the only way in which we can constantly improve- it has been our aim from the start and will always be.

Overall, we are very happy with the results brought by the change and we promise we will keep looking out for ways to make our product even better and easier to use whenever possible.

1.C22The new collector looks pretty much the same as the old one with the exception of the ends. They are now compatible with more affordable pipes making it easier if the customer chooses to install both the underfloor heating and the wall heating at their property. It means a purchase of only one type of pipes for all rooms.

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