We will survey your property free of charge and let you know if it is possible to mount the wall heating system


Here at 3thermo we’re all about customer satisfaction. We value transparency and we will make sure to carefully evaluate your property and only suggest the solutions that are best for you.


We will always encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to have a site visit. We are more than happy to come around and discuss how our heating system works, so that you can speak to someone face to face rather than over the email or telephone. This personal touch is very important to us and helps us build great relationships with our clients.



Moreover, the site visit, which is available to you free of charge, allows us have a look at the property and advise you whether our system is suitable for your house or not. There are some spaces where wall heating is not an optimal solution, such as some kitchen areas which don’t have enough wall space, or a conservatory with large double doors leading outside. Those spaces might benefit from using underfloor heating instead. However, if that’s the case, you might still be able to install our system in other rooms.

As a part of our company policy, we prioritise customer satisfaction and we want to ensure that our system is right for you. You can be certain that we will consider the type of space you have and offer the solution that allows you to minimise heat losses in your property. Just remember to contact us at first fix stage!


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