What is hybrid wall heating?

3thermo prides itself on being the only company offering concealed hybrid heating system. This terminology might sound quite mysterious, so let’s explain – what do we mean by hybrid? Simply put, a hybrid system brings together two technologies to make the most of their combined benefits.


Our heating system is unique in the way it combines two different technologies. We use the method of conduction to distribute the heat from the water, which is only used in the bottom collector. It sets it apart from traditional heating system which is entirely water-based. That means we could reduce the amount of water needed to make the heating work. To illustrate that, you can take an example of a three bedroom property, of about 100m2. To heat it with traditional radiators, you would need around 200 liters of water. Our system will only use around 30 liters of water to produce equivalent output of heat – which is a massive difference!


While we still use the heat from the water, we conduct it through a different method. The heat from the water is conducted into the heat pipes, which generate and distribute the heat to output into the property. Those heat pipes are fully dry system, which means there is no water running through your entire wall. Therefore 3thermo combines the wet and the dry system, which is what makes it a hybrid – combination of two technologies.

To better understand the idea of combining technologies in this way, you can think of a hybrid electric car – which would still use petrol to charge the battery. You could compare water in our system to the petrol, and the pipes to batteries. Using both technologies allows us to get an optimal amount of heat using far less water than you would with a traditional system


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